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How Do I Add A Widget to a Frog Page?

There are two ways in which users can add widgets to a Frog page.

Creating a "Widget Page"

Within Frog there is an option to create a "Widget Page". This can be accessed under a Webfiles Component menu by selecting New > Frog Page > Widget Page (for example in an E-Portfolio):


This will create a new Frog page with an inbuilt active area. When this page is viewed through the front end the black edit page button will become visible.


Users can then select the black edit page button and drag down widgets into the page from the Frog Widget palette.

The advantage of this format is that it allows users to edit pages without using Frog bricks - ideal for younger students.

Please note that the above instructions assume that the following circumstances are in effect:

  • The user is creating the page in an area where they have permission to edit pages (for example, their E-Portfolio).
  • The user has permission to "View and Use" several widgets.

Nesting a widget into an existing Frog Page

There may be occasions when a user will want to insert a widget into a Frog page but not allow everyone who views the page to move it or to add it to their own page using the Frog Widget palette.

For example: when an Administrator is constructing the Parent Portal.

In this situation a widget can be added to a page using a Nested Page / User Component.


  • Drag down your Nested Page / User Component from the "Common" tab of the Frog Brick palette.
  • Double click on the brick to edit it.
  • Use the [...] button to select a Frog page to point the brick to.


  • Navigate to the widget you wish to display through the file structure.
  • Select OK and then Save and Publish the page.

Users will now be able to view the widget through the front end but will not be able to edit it or remove the brick from the page using the black Edit Page button as they would with a Widget Area.

Please note that these instructions assume that the following circumstances are in effect:

  • The user building the page has the permission to edit a page. The user viewing the page has "Read Only" permission on the page.
  • The permissions set on the nested widget for the user viewing the page are set to "View Only".

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