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The Admin Guide section of the Frog Wiki is designed to provide an overview for administrative users.

Topics covered in this section include user management, active directory integration and the configuration of NTP servers.

User Administration

User Management

This article contains helpful advice on creating users and importing new users.

Some of the most commonly asked questions on User Management can be found in this area.

User Setup

This article outlines the rules that govern how new users are created by the MIS Import.


This article contains some basic information on the function and use of Roles.

Login Profiles

This article outlines the features and use of the Login Profiles.

Frog Server

Active Directory Authentication

The majority of schools using Frog will be integrated with Active Directory. This article outlines basic setup and what to troubleshoot if things go wrong.

Backing up your Frog Server

It is very important to ensure that your backups are running correctly. This article outlines the basic process and what your school should be doing to ensure your data is backed up.

Frog Email Server

The Frog server comes with an inbuilt mail server. This article contains some helpful hints and tips on using Frog Mail.

Frog Server not responding

What to do if your Frog server is no long responding.

Configure SSL

An outline of how SSL can be used in Frog and how to create and install your own SSL certificate.

Setting an NTP Server

Time affects many things on the Frog server, from the Frog Email Server to Google Apps for Education. Make sure your Frog server keeps up to date by Setting an NTP Server.

Proxy Server

Custom Rules

Disaster Recovery FAQ:

"What is covered under our support contract SLA with regards to a replacement frog box should this one be destroyed by fire / flood and suchlike or indeed fail completely?"

If there is a fire or a flood and your Frog server is destroyed, you will need to purchase yourself a replacement Frog server through the schools insurance. We will then be able to reinstall the software and use your Frog backups to restore your data. Please be aware that maintaining backups of the FrogServer is the responsibility of the school.

"If a replacement box is provided by Frog what is the timescale for this to be delivered / supplied and reloaded with our data from backup as I understand Frog has to do the restore as we don’t have access to this feature?"

If the Frog server was to fail completely, we would replace the Frog server and reinstall the software using any available backups you’ve taken, providing this happens within the warranty period. The timescale of this depends solely upon the availability of the replacement server and when the engineer is next available to do the installation. We treat any server failures as a high priority incident and would endeavour to ensure that the server is replaced within as shorter time frame as possible.

"Is it possible to automatically replicate our Frog box content on to either another server or an additional Frog box as our SMT would like to have our website (hosted on Frog - along with the regular VLE content) with failover to cover power failures / disaster recovery as the website is one of our key business services and is regularly checked by parents for updates on school closures and so on. There is the possibility in this scenario that we host the frog box offsite so please can this be allowed for in the response"

Frog do provide a failover solution. This solution involves the purchasing of a second Frog server which replicates the original server. This server will need to be placed on site however, to provide Active Directory Authentication as well as reducing network traffic and upload and download times. The failover solution requires manual activation in the event of a server failure on the primary Frog Server, which Frog Support are able to arrange for you.


Frog Compatibility - Mobile Devices

Cookies and the IOC Guidelines

Secure Gateway Configuration

A useful article on configuring Secure Gateway can be found below.

Configuring Secure Gateway