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Frog has the integrated ability to display Adobe Acrobat Connect meetings. A single Frog brick and some settings within Frog are all that are needed to run Adobe Acrobat Connect meetings on your VLE.

Activating the Frog brick

To allow users to add the Adobe Connect Frog brick to their pages take the following steps:

  • Login to the Toolkit as a user with Admin access.
  • Select Admin from the side menu and click Roles in the list.
  • Search for "Adobe". You should see a role called "Use Adobe Connect Brick".
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  • This role needs to be enabled for any profile you wish to use this brick.

Configuring Frog

Once you have granted users access to the Adobe Connect Frog brick you need to give Frog the details it needs to connect to your Adobe Acrobat Connect server.

To do this take the following steps:

  • Click Tools from the top menu.
  • Select Config from the menu that loads.
  • Select the Content Services tab.
  • In the Adobe Connect section fill in the following fields:
    • Adobe Connect Server URL - This is the URL address of your Adobe Acrobat Connect server.
    • Admin Username - This is the Administrator username for Adobe Connect.
    • Admin Password - This is the Administrator password for the Adobe Connect user.
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