Brick: 5 Columns

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Brick Detail

5 Column Brick Description
5column.gif The 5 Column brick allows you to insert columns within a Frog page. These columns can then have other Frog bricks inserted within them. The number of columns that can be inserted is represented within the icon.

Configurable Options

Option Explanation
Space Between Columns The amount of space between the columns in pixels.
Margins within Columns This field is used to set the width of the margin for the columns in pixels.
Border Colour This field sets the colour of the border around the entire set of columns
Background Image This field sets the image to be used as the background to the entire set of columns.
Column Widths This set field allows you to individually configure a whole range of options for each column.
Width This is the width of the column, either as a percentage of the total column set width or as pixels.
Colour This field allows you to set the background colour of an individual column.
Image This field allows you to set an individual image as the background for each column.
Tile Image This field allows you to tile the image.
Alignment This field allows you to set the alignment of the columns within the column container.