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Brick Detail

Crystal Menu Description
Horizscrollmenu.jpg Crystal menus are very flexible and will allow you to create visually stimulating menus.

General Settings Options

Option Explanation
Menu This field allows users to choose the menu component they wish to display.
Appearance mbox | small = right | type = notice | text = Legacy mode has been introduced to the Crystal Bar to allow schools using the older menu code to continue using their Crystal Menu bricks. |}
Labels These fields allow users to choose if labels are displayed. Selecting these icons will display the text of each menu option as listed in the menu object. With this option cleared only the icons will be visible, with no labels.

Background Settings Options

Option Explanation
Fixed Colour for Background Selecting this check box over-rides any colours set in the menu object with a fixed colour selected in the following field that applies for the whole of the crystal menubar.
Fixed Background Colour This field allows you to choose a fixed background colour for the menubar.
Background Image This option will allow you to select a background image for the menubar.
Background Image Transparent Selecting this check box will make any background image slightly transparent - rendering the image less sharp than the original so it blends with the background more readily.

Scrollbar Settings Options

The Scrollbar Settings tab is where you can set a range of options to customise the scrollbar.

Watch the video!

Click here for a video showing the use of the Crystal Menu!