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What is a bug?

A bug is classified as an error, fault or flaw within the Frog software that creates an unwanted or unexpected result within the confines of the software specification. An unwanted or unexpected result within customer expectation is defined as an RFC (request for change) and is dealt with in a different process.

A bug may occur as a result of a change in the software or a change in external factors such as browser or OS updates.

What happens in the bug process?

Reported to the Service Desk

The first step in the life cycle of a bug is reporting. A bug can be reported to Frog through several channels (for example through your School Relationship Manager or Implementation Consultant) but in all situations these bugs will in the first instance be escalated to the Service Desk.

As such, we strongly recommend reporting any suspected bugs directly to the Service Desk to enable us to respond quickly and efficiently, and identify any particularly severe issues early on.

The Service Desk can be contacted by email at servicedesk@frogeducation.com or by calling 01422 395939.

The Service Desk will log you a ticket for your issue and will investigate the problem to ensure it is a bug in the software.

Reported to the Development Team

When the Service Desk believe an incident is a bug, they will log a bug ticket with the Development Team.

This ticket will detail all instances of the incident that the Service Desk have been able to gather along with replication steps and user credentials if required. This bug ticket is not customer facing.

The Service Desk ticket raised in the first stage of the process will be linked to this bug ticket to allow the Service Desk to update all customers with the same issue at the same time.

You will be updated when your Service Desk ticket has been linked to a bug ticket.

Investigation by the Development Team

The bug ticket is passed to our Development Team and scheduled for development work. This schedule is managed by several considerations including the severity of the issue, the number of schools reporting the issue and the impact on the software.

We do our best to prioritise all bugs appropriately to ensure the best response for all issues. In order to help us do this we need all schools with suspected bugs to log the issues with the Service Desk to make sure we have all the impact information for the Development Team. In addition, if a particular bug is causing your school a lot of pain, please let us know as we may be able to adjust it's priority if you can provide impact information.

The first thing the Development Team do is confirm that the information provided by the Service Desk constitutes a bug. If it is, they continue to investigate the root cause of the issue.


The Development Team will build a fix for this issue. As part of this process they may require a copy of a school database to allow them to run their fix in a controlled environment. If so, the Service Desk will communicate with the school to find a convenient time to book this in.


The fix is then tested in isolation to ensure that it creates no issues with the platform and that it resolves the reported issue.


When a fix has been created it is put into a new build of Frog. The fix joins other bug fixes and RFCs until the rollout cut off date is reached.

Build Testing

The bug fix is then tested along with the entire build to ensure that there are no issues with all the new fixes and changes combined into one.

This testing may take several stages to complete depending on the size of the rollout.


Frog use a beta release program where certain selected schools receive an early release as part of the FrogLabs program.

The build is released to these schools first and, provided no issues are found, the build is then rolled out to all schools. If you would like to be part of the FrogLabs program please let the Service Desk know and they will pass on your details.

Release notes containing all the bug fixes and new changes in releases can be found on the Community Site here: http://frogcommunity.com/index.phtml?d=2378133

Post full release the Service Desk will respond to your ticket to let you know that the bug that has been reported should now be resolved. You will be invited to test the issue to provide full confirmation of resolution.

How can I track the progress of my ticket?

The easiest way to track your ticket is by using the Service Desk. If you have your ticket ID you can either email us or call us and we will be able to check progress on the bug ticket.

We will be in touch throughout the bug life cycle as appropriate and updates will also be found on the Community Site.