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Please read this guide: Media:Careers4u-tv.pdf which covers the integration of with the Frog3 platform.

This guide will help schools which have a subscription with to be able to set up integration with the Frog platform to allow them easily to use resources within Frog. If you are having any difficulty in setting up the integration after following the steps in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact Frog Technical Support.

Integration Set Up

Log into Frog Toolkit as an Administrator.

Click the Tools dropdown in the top bar and click Config as shown in the screenshot below.

File on centre

Select Content Services then select Careers4u:

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Enter your Careers4u key in the Careers4u Key input field (Your key can be obtained by contacting directly).

You should now be able to use within Frog without requiring further authentication. If you are having any problems, please check first that your school subscription is valid.

If you do not have membership and are interested in finding out more, email or visit for more information.

Using in your Frog platform

Accessing in Frog

Once you have followed the set up instructions above, you can access content from and add it to your Frog page.

Firstly, on your Frog page, go to the Widget Store by selecting Edit Page at the top left of your page.

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Then click Visit Store from the Widget Store from the right hand side of the widget tray.

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When the Widget Store opens, select the Channels tab at the bottom of the window (highlighted in blue on the screenshot below), then select the button (as shown in the screenshot below).

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Searching for and embedding resource in Frog

When the channel opens in the Widget Store, you can search for resource by using Search channel on the right hand side of the page:

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When you’ve found the resource you want to use, simply click add to page.

A confirmation screen (as shown below) will appear. Clicking Yes please will add the resource to your Frog page, and you will get a confirmation message of that.

When resources are shown in Frog they will be tagged as sourced from Careers4u.

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