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How do I create a Gallery for users to contribute to?

1. Create a new folder where you will store your image files that will be displayed in the gallery brick. Add a few images to this folder for testing purposes.

2. Create a new page on your VLE. For the purposes of these instructions this will be called "Gallery Page".

3. On the "Gallery Page", add a 2 Column Frogbrick. In the left column, add a Webfiles brick. In the right column add a Gallery Frog brick.

4. Point both the Webfiles Frogbrick and the Gallery Frogbrick at the folder you previously created that will contain the images you wish to display.

5. while editing the page, double click the Webfiles brick you placed on the page to open up the settings popup. Go to the "View Options" (second tab) and untick everything apart from "Add File", "Copy File". This will prevent users from being able to add other files, delete images etc. If you wish users to be able to delete from this folder in the front end do not uncheck the delete option. Please note the delete option will only appear for users with Admin rights to the Images folder.

6. You will need users to have write permissions into the folder that the Web Files brick is pointing too, otherwise they won't be able to Add files to this location. You will need to overwrite the permissions on the Images Folder so that the users in question (for example the student Login Profile or a specific Teaching Group) has Read/Write access to this area.

7. Consequently, whichever users you just gave Read/Write access to this area will now be able to Add or Copy files to the folder via the Web Files component and as the Gallery Frogbrick is pointing at the same location, their images will appear on the Gallery brick.

8. As an Administrator if you wish to make other changes to the folder (delete images for instance) you can go into the Folder in the Toolkit where you can make these changes or provide other users with Admin permissions to the folder.