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At this time unfortunately it is not possible to export exam timetables from your MIS into Frog. It is however, possible to create a link in Frog that when clicked, will allow users to view their own exam timetables.

Exam timetables are not entered into your MIS in the same way as class timetables which is why an alternate method is required to achieve this. Before attempting this, please be aware of the following:

  • It is worth testing this for one exam timetable before considering this in a wider capacity.
  • This will not work if a user does not have their UPN number in Frog.
  • These files will be stored in a PUBLIC location on your Frog server.
  • This is a large manual process that you will need to undertake in order to achieve this. The time taken to complete this will depend upon a few different factors including how many students you wish to do this for.
  • We do not support any MIS software and cannot guarantee that any SIMS changes will prevent the outcome from being achieved. Additionally our Service Desk analysts will be unable to assist with any MIS software queries as they are not exposed to any MIS software.

Exporting & Displaying Exam Timetables

1. Create a new extra field in your toolkit called UPN.

2. You will need to enter each users UPN into frog into this new extra field. This can be achieved my either adding them manually or by exporting your students via your MIS then performing a CSV User Import into Frog to update your accounts with this information. Please be careful doing this as you do not want to create duplicate accounts. When mapping fields you must map the UID field in Frog correctly to update existing accounts. You must also map the custom field you created for the UPN to provide this new information for Frog. It is likely the UID and UPN (manually created) tag will now hold the same information.

3. Export the timetables from your MIS to any available desired format. If possible, a PDF file is likely preferable.

4. When doing this you need to export the file so that the file name is the students UPN. This is highly likely a manual process but some MIS may allow you to batch export with a set file name format.

5. You then upload these to your (PUBLIC) Frog web folder. For more information on the Frog Web Share, please visit: https://kb.frogtrade.com/index.php/Frog_Web

6. Next, in Frog 3 you would need to create a new Frog page. On this page, using a Text & Pictures Frog brick, enter some text you wish to use as your link. Highlight the text then click the "Insert Link" button on the toolbar to open up a further popup window.

7. Click "internet page" then type in your schools external URL following by /[UPNextrafieldtagname].fileextension For example:


8. The above URL can be modified if you have entered these PDF's into a particular folder.

9. Now, any users who have access to this page and click the link you created, their exam timetable will open.