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FRG Files

FRG files are Frog-created compressed archive files. They are designed for moving small-to-medium amounts of content around a platform, or to another platform.

FRG files work by collecting together the linked resources on a page, packaging them up and collecting in one easy-to-transport file.

The limit on an FRG file is around 100mb but remember, this would include additional content pulled into the FRG by being linked.

FRG files have two options on them when being created:

1). Don't follow text links - this stops the FRG from using text links to try and 'grab' content to pack up.

2). Don't follow menu links - this stops the FRG from following menus to try and 'grab' content to pack up.

When unpacking an FRG file, there are two options:

1). Import and use templates - this will attempt to create an imported files folder. Selecting 'Do not import template' will strip out the templates and assign a blank template to each page that is unpacked.

2). Local files - 'create a copy' (Place inside 'Imported files' subfolder) - this will extract a copy of the files from the FRG. Selecting 'use original files' will empty the FRG of content once unpacked.

Please note that the feature for allowing FRG files to be created and unpacked is still in beta.