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FrogLearn became available to new and existing customers in June 2013. For most customers, FrogLearn is installed on a server in school, however hosted environments and virtual machine environments are also available. Where an article is specific to one deployment type, this will be highlighted.

Rollout information and latest news

To find out more about the rollout of FrogLearn, please click here.

Getting help

To get help or find out more about FrogLearn, there are a number of optioins available to you:

  • Use the in platform help - just click 'Help' from the Frog Bar to get started
  • Visit our new FrogLearn community site here
  • Call or email us on +44 (0)1422 395939 or at
  • Watch the videos on the FrogLearn Tutorial Videos Site

FrogLearn guides

Making the transition from Frog 3

FrogLearn - Getting ready - cleaning up your groups

FrogLearn - Getting ready - cleaning up your users

FrogLearn - Enabling a user coming from Frog 3

FrogLearn - Enabling multiple users coming from Frog 3

FrogLearn - Frog 3 Group sync considerations

FrogLearn - Frog 3 Login process

Widget - Embed Frog 3 Widget

Embed Website Browser Guidance


FrogLearn - Discover - Important information regarding filtering

Technical information and limitations

FrogLearn - Systems Preferences

FrogLearn - Supported file types

FrogLearn - Browser support

FrogLearn - Connectivity

FrogLearn - Virtual Machine (VM) Support

FrogLearn - Frog 3 AD SSO Compatibility

FrogLearn projects

FrogLearn - Custom theme design

FrogLearn - Creating a PEP Timetable page using Frog 3 widgets

FrogLearn - Embedding a Google folder within a FrogLearn site

FrogLearn - FrogParent setup

Administering FrogLearn

FrogLearn - MIS Integration

FrogLearn - Policy Groups

FrogLearn - File upload limits

FrogLearn - End of Year process

Mobile Applications

February Release Changes [1402_0_2]

Theme Changes:

Following the February release any themes using the attribute "fixed" to set their background images may find that these images no longer display in Chrome. We recommend removing the "fixed" attribute which should allow the images to display cross browser. If you wish to send an updated .ejs file to we will be able to update this for you.