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The Frog Avatar

The Frog Avatar allows a user to be able to personalise their own character. The avatar is accessible via a link within a Brick: Text & Pictures.

How to create an Avatar link

To be able to create an Avatar a user must have the role Create And Update An Avatar set for their Login Profile.

To create a link to the avatar, first add a Brick: Text & Pictures to a page or template.

Once added, enter the text that will be used for the link (for example AVATAR).

Highlight the text and click on the ‘Insert Link’ button.

Here, there is the option to choose Actions and from the drop down menu select ‘Open Avatar Generator’.

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Introduction to the Avatar

When the avatar is first accessed, the user will have the option to choose whether it is based on a frog or on a human.

. Each option allows the user to choose a body colour, body height and body weight. To switch between a frog and human, click on the option ‘Frog me!’ or ‘Human me!’

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Changing the features of the Avatar

There is a string of options displayed below each of the avatars. Clicking on each of these options will allow that feature of the avatar to be customised. These including customising the facial features and clothing.

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Roles required

To be able to create and update an avatar, the 'Edit own avatar pic' role must be enabled

Saving the Avatar

Once the avatar has been customised, please click ‘Save Avatar’. This will commit the changes that have been made to the avatar.

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Displaying the Avatar

The Frog Avatar will appear in place of the user's profile picture if the appropriate widget is used to show this. There are two widgets that control the display of profile or avatar pictures:

Profile Picture Widget - this displays the MIS imported picture.

Avatar Picture Widget - this displays the last avatar created in the avatar generator by the logged in user.

Please note, Parent Portal widgets and MIS widgets will continue to display any MIS imported profile picture by default.

It's worthwhile noting that the Frog Avatar Generator does not save the user's avatar. When the link action is selected to open the Avatar Generator the user is presented with a new blank avatar, they cannot edit their existing avatar and must start with a fresh one.

The Avatar for an individual user can be viewed from the Toolkit under the individual users account details.

You will note that there are two picture display fields. This allows users to see the MIS imported profile picture and the user created avatar to be viewed independently of each other.

Administrators can also change the images of the user here if it is inappropriate.

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