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Frog Compatibility

Please be aware that the Frog 3 learning platform is fully supported on:

Frog 3 Browser Support

  • Internet Explorer - Latest Version
  • Internet Explorer - Version previous to latest release
  • Firefox - Latest Version
  • Google Chrome - Latest Version

As of writing this article 18/06/14 -- IE10 & IE11

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The current situation

With the release of IE10 and IE11 for Windows 7 and Windows 8, feedback previously indicated that there were some issues logged by our schools with Frog 3 functionality.

Our development team have fixed the majority of issues surrounding the latest release of Internet Explorer. A variety of fixes have been implemented in to improve Toolkit access. These changes have improved Frog 3 stability not only in Internet Explorer but also in browsers such as Google Chrome.

If you identify any issues when using a supported browser please let the Service Desk know on 01422 395939 or at

IE10 via the Metro interface is not currently recommended but we are in the process of logging bugs against this so that the issues can be investigated by our developers.

In the short term, you may find Compatibility View helps but please note that we consider this a potential workaround only and this should not be a long term fix.

How can I enable compatibility view?

This link shows how to turn on compatibility view.

What about FrogLearn - I want to use both and that works better with compatibility view off?

The advice for users of both systems is to turn compatibility view OFF if at all possible. As mentioned above, we are currently logging and working on any high-severity bugs reported with Frog 3 and compatibility view OFF so that we can attempt to fix the behaviour where possible in both IE10 and IE11. Please view compatibility view for Frog 3 as a temporary workaround.

For more information about browser support for FrogLearn, please see this link.

All pop-up blockers must be disabled for Frog and 'Compatibility View' must also remain switched off.

Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Many of our schools currently use Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Web Access to access email via Frog. Please be aware that the CSS used by Microsoft does not support the pages being embedded in an iframe (scroll frame). As a result, the link to OWA must be set to open in a new window. Please see this link for further information regarding this.

Addons and Plugins

Please note that Addons and plugins can greatly impact on how a particular browser interacts with Frog. As a result, if you report an issue which is only present with these enabled, we will ask you to disable them. If the issue is then resolved then we are unable to support you further if you decide to keep the addons in place.