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The FrogServer renames all files that are uploaded for security reasons. If a website is uploaded to the FrogServer, all of the pages and images will be renamed. If a webpage within the site references other pages or images, these links would need to accommodate the files being renamed.

The Frogweb share provides a method for uploading files and having them published directly, without going through the FrogServers normal upload or security mechanism.


This is done through the use of a Windows share, accessed through Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer)

On the Frog Server there is the frogweb share, \\frogserver\frogweb. Anything that is added into the frogweb share is published automatically under http://frogserver/frogweb/ (or the appropriate domain used by the school).

This content is available for both internal and external access, and is not secured in any way. Any files uploaded here bypass the FrogServers normal security mechanism, and it is not possible to apply any password protection to files uploaded into this area.


As the frogweb share is accessed through Windows Explorer rather than through the FrogTeacher interface, there is a single username and password allocated to gain access to this. The username is frogweb and the password is chosen by the school. To reset the password see the section Change Frogweb Password.

Please note that Windows will only authenticate using one username and password. This means that a machine that has authenticated to the frogbackup share will not be able to access the frogweb share, and vice versa.


To publish a website using this mechanism, firstly load Windows Explorer and browse to \\frogserver\frogweb, authenticating with the appropriate username and password. Create a folder inside to store the content (e.g. SciencePage), and simply drag and drop the content in. The content would then be accessible via http://frogserver/frogweb/SciencePage.

Note: Please note that the frogserver is case-sensitive, whilst most Windows web servers are not. As such if the folder is called SciencePage, the URL sciencepage will not work.

Changing the Frogweb Password

To change the Frog Backup password there is an option in the Server Backup section of the Server Configuration.

Click Admin on the side menu and select Server Configuration from the options. then select the Server Backup tab. Here you wills see a button labelled Frogweb. Click this button to reset the Frogweb password.

Server backup - change frogweb password small.jpg

Using ADSSO?

Please be aware, if you are using AD SSO, you must create the frogweb (and frogbackup) users on your domain, via AD Users and Computers. The 'reset password' feature in the toolkit will become greyed out when using AD SSO.

Directory listing

Please be aware that frogweb is designed for public content only and that a directory listing is available if the location is browsed to directly. Should you wish to prevent this, placing an 'index.htm' or 'index.html' page in the frogweb folder will prevent this from happening.

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