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Frog widgets are defined as normal Frog pages that when embedded into other pages, add functionality to that page.

This section lists functional advice regarding the widgets installed on your Frog server by default.

There is also information on some third party widgets that are available on the Frog Widget Store.

Adding Widgets to a Page

If you are unsure how to add a widget to a Frog page see our guide on Adding Widgets to a Frog Page.

Editing Widgets

A guide to the basic editing of widgets and their settings can be found here Editing Widgets on a Frog Page.

If you are interested in tweaking the appearance of existing widgets the article Using the "Copy to My Widgets" function may be helpful.

Frog Widgets

Widgets held within the Frog Widgets folder are updated and maintained by Frogtrade.

The list of folders that you see within the Frog Widgets folder may change depending on which widgets you have installed from the Widget Store. The general categories are outlined below:




Page Layout

Parent Portal

Please note this folder is only available with the Parent Engagement Portal.

Social Networking

Teaching Widgets


Workspaces (Secondary)

PEP Widgets

This folder holds widgets used in constructing the Parent Portal. This folder is only available if your school has purchased PEP.


Many of the Assessment Widgets use Filter Tags. For further information on Filter Tags please see the article Filter Tags Explained.

Frog Partners

This folder may hold widgets installed from Frog Partners. This folder will likely only be populated if your school is using older versions of the Partner widgets. Widgets installed from the Widget Store will normally be stored within the Frog Widgets folder.

My Widgets

This folder will show any widgets that you have stored in your personal area. You can enter widgets into this area by using the "Copy to My Widgets" function or by directly creating widget pages in this area.


This folder will contain any widgets that have been deprecated by Frog.

School Widgets

This folder will hold any widgets that have been designed for your school during the build process. This folder is maintained by the school and any widgets in this folder will not be updated by Frog.

The content of this folder is school specific but you will normally find folders split into Login Profile types containing widgets such as Timetable widgets, Feed widgets and Notice Boards.

Third Party Widgets

Third Party widgets are widgets provided by a collaboration between Frog and a partner company. Further information on the more common Third Party widgets can be found below.

Widget Permissions

Widget permissions behave in a different manner to page permissions on the Frog server.

For a full explanation on how to manage and use these permissions please see the article Widget Permissions.

Widget Themes

Widget Themes allow you to set a package of containers that can then be added to your widgets to allow you to set up specific design themes for your platform.

These themes are set up in the toolkit and then added to widgets individually to set up themes. These themes can then be changed.

Information on setting up and using Widget Themes can be found here.

The article Widget Themes - A Tutorial provides further information on how to create and set up a theme.

Frog Developer Platform

If you would like to expand and develop your collection of widgets you can make your own Frog widgets using the Frog Developer Platform (

If you are experiencing problems with widgets developed on the Frog Developer Platform please refer questions to the forums on the site. Our development team spend time on the forums each day and will be happy to assist.