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Important Note

As of November 2013, GCSEPod is beginning to migrate schools to the new GCSEPod 2.0. As a result of this, a new Frog Widget will be made available in a forthcoming release. All users should now be migrated to GCSE Pod v.2.0 and so we recommend reading the article GCSE Pod v2.0.

This article will remain for legacy information.


GCSEPod allows users to download over 400 podcasts expertly created for effective learning and revision.

To utilise single sign in between Frog and GCSEPod you first need to contact GCSEPod. They will provide you with several important files and documents.

Set up Instructions

1/ First you will need to save the ‘GCSEPod Single Sign in Code’ file (which will have been sent to you alongside this document in an email from GCSEPod) to your hard drive.

2/ Login to Frog as an administrator and go to the Toolkit.

3/ Upload the file called ‘GCSEPod Single Sign in Code’ to a public area on the Frog Toolkit.

4/ Find and open the page which students see first AFTER they have logged in to Frog. (If your staff see a different page then you will need to repeat the following steps to add the GCSEPod button to their page as well.)

5/ Once the page is open, click the ‘Media’ tab and then click the ‘FDP Widget Container’ button:

File on centre

6/ Drag and drop the container into the correct space on your page.

7/ Double click on the ‘FDP Widget Container’ and the dialogue box will open. Click ‘Browse for HTML file’ and find the ‘GCSEPod Single Sign in Code’ which you uploaded to Frog.

8/ Now, within the same dialogue box, click ‘Edit Preferences.’

File on centre

Please note that the "Gender, default = field" must contain [user_ms_gender]

9/ Now, within the same dialogue box, click ‘Check Roles.’ Make sure that the box is ticked as shown in the screenshot below:

File on centre

10/ Click ‘OK’ then ‘Save and publish.’

11/ Now, you need to make sure that your students have the required permission to allow them to use the GCSEPod single sign on button. To do this go to the Admin section of the Toolkit then:

  • Click ‘Roles’
  • Enter into the search bar: “allow”
  • Then look for “allow users.getInfo”
  • You need to ensure students have a green check box for this role.

12/ Logout of the Toolkit and then login to Frog using a student username and password.

13/ Click on the GCSEPod button. If the button is working correctly, the GCSEPod homepage should open and you will be able to see that you are logged in as your name will be displayed in brackets in the top right hand corner:

File on centre

14/ If you cannot see your name in brackets then you need to add www.gcsepod.co.uk to your list of trusted websites on Internet Explorer.

If you have any difficulties using GCSEPod please do not hesitate to contact us. If you require assistance from GCSEPod their technical support team can be contacted on 0191 2111 999 or email schoolsubscriptions@gcsepod.co.uk.