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I am learning widget

The 'I am learning' widget is designed to allow users single sign on access to I am learning content through the Frog server.

Please note that for the I am learning feature to function correctly, compatibility view (in Internet Explorer) must be turned off.

The most recent version of the I am Learning widget is v1.2. If you need to update, please contact Frog Support to delete the old widget and once done, visit the Widget Store to download the new one and follow the instructions below.

How do I set up the I am learning” widget?

1. To enable the single-sign on aspect of this widget you first need to check that your accounts have been created by I am learning.

2. You will now need to download and install the I am learning widget via the Widget Store.

3. To access the Widget Store, view your new page in the front end. Select the black edit page button to open the Frog Widget palette. Select the "View Store" link on the right hand side of the page under the Widget Store logo.

4. When the Store has loaded perform a search for "I am learning". Select the I Am Learning widget and select "Install".

5. You should receive a confirmation message that the widget has been isntalled into the "Educational" area of your Frog Widgets folder.

6. The widget is now installed on your platform however there are some further configuration settings to enter before it works correctly. In the toolkit under 'Widgets' then 'School Widgets', create a new page and put an FDP container brick on this (Media tab). Now find the I am Learning Widget 1.2 from the Educational section of the Frog Widgets area of the toolkit and copy the path into the clipboard (it should start 'app://'). Return to the page created just now in the School Widgets area and paste this address into the Widget URL in the properties of the FDP Widget brick.

8. Navigate to Toolkit > Toolbar > Config > Content Services > I Am Learning and enter your School ID. I Am Learning will be able to provide this code.

9. The I am learning widget requires several roles enabled to work correctly.

The widget will request the following roles:

  • allow users.getInfo (required)
  • view the basic details of any user (name,profile) (required)

These roles can be enabled in the Toolkit under Admin > Roles.

To complete the process, drag the widget from the Frog Widget palette onto your dashboard.

Please be aware that the widget container does not need to include 'http://', just the section after 'app'

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