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Lesson planning in Frog can be used to share resources or schemes of work within a department, to send work or course work to students, or simply to help a teacher plan their own lessons.

There are different ways to set work within Frog depending on the needs of the Teacher and Students.

Quick Homework

The fastest way to set work is to use the Quick Homework option.

Quick Issue Work

The Quick Issue Work option allows Teachers to set work in slightly more detail.

Lesson Plans

For long term lessons or more detailed assignments the Lesson Plans feature is useful.

Administrating Lesson Planning

It is possible to pull off complete reports on the work set on Frog using the Lesson Reports.

An Administrator can also edit the terminology used within the Lesson Planning features of Frog to match the terminology used within school. Please see the article Lesson Planning: Terminology Settings for further information on how to make these changes.

The Brick: Student Work Admin allows users to view and review work set through the front end of Frog.

Following the upgrade to 13.06.01 there are two new options available in the Teacher Assigned Work brick. Please see the following articles for more information on Enable Bulk Return and Force Completion on Forcing Submit.

Mark Schemes

Mark Schemes are used within Frog when setting Lessons. They allow users to maintain a consistent standard of grading throughout the platform.

The Markbook

The Markbook page covers some of the basics about the Frog3 markbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Lesson Planning can be found within the below article.

Lesson Planning: Frequently Asked Questions