MIS Integration

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Before we get started - we get asked this a lot, 'Why don't we inform you when there is a new extractor?' - The answer for this is that in most cases it's not needed unless you suddenly start to have issues. If there is major a known issue discovered with the extractor then we will make sure we get in touch but most revisions of the extractor are minor revisions to correct school-specific issues.

SIMS Integration

Additional Import Info

CMIS Integration

Progresso Integration

iSAMS Integration

InResonance Integration

PASS Integration

SchoolBase Integration

DoubleFirst Integration

Bromcom Ingetration

IntegrisG2 Integration

Sleuth Integration

Moving MIS Process - are you looking to change?

This page discusses moving MIS and the process you must go through with Frog support to ensure everything functions as expected. Moving MIS Process

Parent/Child Relationship

MIS Extractors