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Integrating Micro Librarian Systems within Frog

There are two widgets for Micro Librarian Systems (MLS) in Frog. One allows single sign on (SSO) to MLS, which will open in a separate window. The other provides summary data of the user’s MLS account (e.g. Current, overdue and past loans – with summary thumbs of the books, clickable to open in the full MLS account if required).

Before first use of MLS Frog Widgets, you will need to download the widgets from the Frog Widget Store. To do this please follow the instructions available in our articles on the Widget Store and Adding Widgets to a Frog Page.

You will need to search for "MLS" on the Widget Store.

Connecting the School MLS Account to Frog

Before the widgets will work, you will need to connect the school MLS account. This is done through configuration within the Frog Toolkit.

Step 1

Log into Frog Toolkit as an Administrator.

Click the Tools dropdown in the top bar and click Config as shown in the screenshot opposite.
File on right

Step 2

Select ‘Content Services’ and then select ‘MLS’ from the next list. Add in the MLS Prefix to the form field (as provided by MLS) and click Save.

File on centre

The account configuration should now be complete and the widgets will show data relevant to the user on whose Frog page the widget is displayed, or facilitate single sign on to that user’s full MLS account.

If you are having any difficulty in setting up the integration after following the steps in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact Frog Technical Support.