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The Network Files function of Frog allows users access to shared or home drives on the school network from anywhere they can access Frog.

More information on configuring the Network Files brick and how to set it up can be found in the article Brick: Network Files.

This page contains information on trouble shooting problems using Network Files within Frog.

Network Changes

Have any changes been made to the network recently? For example are there new servers, new server IP/hostsnames, new AD details for users.

If so, have the changes been applied on the Frog server too?


Is the correct user path set in the individual user account or within the Network Files brick?

To check this in the Toolkit navigate to:

Admin > Users > Search for the appropriate user you wish to check.

Double click into the user account and select the "Login and Security" tab.

Check the Network Folder field and ensure the UNC path is specified as: //server/share/folder

NTFS Permissions

These are the permissions that are applied on the share and dictate who can see it.

Given a UNC path of //server/share/folder, in order for Frog to be able to view network shares the user must have the following NTFS permissions on all folders from the 'share' folder right down to the end directory:

-- Traverse Folder / Execute File

-- Read Attributes

-- Read Permissions

If all the above seem correct...

Please log a ticket with Frog Technical Support for further investigation.

Include in the ticket notes:

  • The correct UNC path for the user.
  • An AD linked user who should be able to see the path (we will require both username and password).
  • Details of any network changes made/testing done.
  • A screenshot of the NTFS permissions.

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