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Oliver integration requires some information from Oliver to be placed into the Toolkit. If you are unsure what details to use here, please contact Softlink directly.

Navigate to Tools > Config > Softlink / Oliver to enter these details.

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The Oliver Widgets

The Oliver widgets allow users to have access to the Oliver library system through Frog.

This is a Frog test page on which the Oliver widgets have been placed. These widgets can be dragged onto whichever Frog page the Administrator wishes. A description of the different widgets available appears below.

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Account Summary

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This might be the only widget visible on the student’s home page. The background is Red because this student has Overdue Loans.

Clicking on the widget would normally take the student to where they can administer their library account e.g. to a page where the Bottom Left – ‘Your Library Account’ widget is displayed.

Your Library Account

This gives details of the Current Loans and Loan History etc. for the student. The Alert Message showing above requires the student to click it in order to see the full details (i.e. the student needs to acknowledge that they have overdue loans.

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The overdue loans are shown in pink and listed ahead of any others. A Renewal facility is provided on the right of each.

Clicking the Renew button against the title, ‘About healthy drinking’ performs the renewal in Oliver and creates a message as follows…

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‘About healthy drinking’ has now turned from pink to white and has been moved to immediately below the titles which are still overdue.

Your Reading Lists

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Image on right

What is presented here is an interesting combination of both Frog and Oliver data – sometimes called a ‘mash up’.

In Frog a student is part of one or more Groups or Classes. Oliver has a comprehensive Reading List facility and if the lists are created with titles which include the names of one or more Groups or Classes, the appropriate reading lists can automatically be displayed on a student’s home page. Please note that the library staff need know nothing about which student is in which group/class – they are only required to create reading lists appropriate to a group. Oliver and Frog do the rest.

Clicking on one of the Group/Class folders shows which particular lists apply to that group and then clicking on one of the list names takes you to that list in Oliver.

See the Oliver screen below – the relevant list is displayed and the student has automatically been logged into Oliver (Welcome Emily Wall can be seen in the top left corner). As a result, Emily can do what she wishes with these resources and has access to a whole series of personal portal functions.

It is more sensible to perform the authentication for Emily and move her directly to Oliver, so that she can Reserve, Request, use Bibliographies, declare Interests and browse further.

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Oliver OPAC Search

The student can search the Oliver catalogue (and beyond) in the same way that they would if working directly with the library system.

Typing your search term, letter by letter, provides suggested searches.

Choosing ‘Conservation’ will then perform the search in Oliver and provide the appropriate results list.

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Once again the student is automatically logged into the Oliver system and can perform other actions as necessary.

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