Opening files in Frog

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Opening files in Frog

We get a lot of questions from customers regarding this, so we thought we would create a new knowledge base article to explain how file handling works in Frog in the form of an FAQ.

Q - Why don't I see links to 'mydocument.docx' in Frog URLs?

A - This is because Frog holds all files in a database - when they are uploaded to Frog, they are given a database ID, usually a six digit number and all links refer to this. This is advantageous as it allows files 'conventions' present in Windows machines to be broken - such as having files with the same name and not requiring a file extension.

Q - Why don't PDFs open like 'normal' files?

A - This is down to how the PDF reader software interacts with the machine that you are accessing Frog from. When selecting a PDF from Frog, Frog passes the request to the browser and it's the browser that interprets how the file should be handled. You'll normally find that if you have a PDF viewer installed (the most popular being Adobe Reader) this actually has settings that apply to the browser to control how the files open. Sadly, we can't control this so it's a change that needs to be made - there are plenty of resources online about this but this article seems to cover the basics

Q - What happens when I open a file from Frog? Where is it saved?

A - The short answer is that it isn't! When you open a file from Frog, the file is temporarily stored on your machine but it is held in a volatile area. We would recommend that when opening files from Frog, you elect to save these in an area you will remember (e.g. your My Documents) for ease of reference and avoid using the temporary internet files area as there is a risk of losing your work should this area clear itself out.

Q - What about Frog Live?

A - Frog Live is an application that is designed to allow users to work on documents held in Frog, 'live'. This essentially removes the need to download a file first, then upload again once changes are made. Please note that Frog Live does not work with 'Network Files'.

Q - Help! Office documents are opening in my Internet Explorer! How do I open these for editing?

A - Similar to the entry about PDFs, this is a browser setting that must be changed. this article from Microsoft, should allow you to make changes to resolve this.

Q - Why does my large file take a long time to open / save / close?

A - It's worth remembering that although Frog is (in most cases) a local server in your school, the same principles should still apply as to working over the internet - file sizes should be kept to a realistic minimum to ensure speed and reliability remain good. As a general rule of thumb it's worth keeping document sizes to a minimum, compressing images within them and avoiding large media files.