Providing Parent Passwords

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When you have your parent accounts on Frog and have any relevant pages set-up for the parent login profile, you will then need to consider how to provide these parents their login credentials. Below are a few different methods you may wish to consider. If you have any further suggestions you feel other schools would find useful, please let us know.

Providing Parent Passwords

1) In the Frog 3 toolkit, ensure all parent accounts are correct and that you remove any you do not need. It is likely that any non MIS linked parent accounts can be removed as they will be old accounts.

2) In the toolkit navigate to Admin --> Users and using the search filter, search for the parent login profile. When doing this please also select the UID (Unique ID) checkbox. At this point their will be no need to export the parent passwords as they are encrypted and will not display correctly in a CSV file.

3) Once the results have loaded, click the "Export List" button in order to export all your parent accounts to a CSV file.

4) Modify the CSV file by adding a new column with the heading "password" (without the speech marks). You cannot export passwords from Frog as they are encrypted so what you will need to do is add a password for your parent accounts to this CSV. You can create your own passwords or find a formula online to create them.

5) With your new parent password column, save off the CSV file again.

6) Upload this CSV and import your users containing your parent accounts with the new passwords into Frog, ensuring you map the fields in your CSV correctly when prompted to do so. Without mapping the UID field, you will end up with duplicate accounts.

7) Once you have successfully updated your accounts, you will now have a list of your parent passwords that you can then give out to parents.

At this point there are a few different methods you could try.

  • There is a report in the toolkit under Tools --> Parent Child Reports that allows you to pull of a CSV file that contains your parent accounts and the children that are associated to them. You would then need to combine this CSV file and the CSV you have containing your parent passwords to ensure you can provide the passwords to the correct users. This would need to be done based on the UID fields. You could either spend some time doing this via formulas in Excel, in order to match up these 2 CSV files (you wouldn't be able to use the sort function in case you had parent accounts with no children attached) or you could simply wait until a suitable event such as parents evening then give out these login details by matching the 2 CSV's on the night. This could be done via form tutors or via a "sign in" area that all parents must visit first before progressing to their appointments.

  • An alternate method could also be achieved via parents evening. You could provide certain staff members access to a page on Frog 3 with the "User Database" Frog brick on. You could do this for one user, then parents have to pickup their login details when they sign in to parents evening. This would allow them to request their credentials, then you can search for their user account and give it to them there and then (or print it out for them). Alternatively you could provide this user a print off of both CSV files and when a user signs in (or you have a separate area for this), their details are given out accordingly.

  • Once you have obtained the list of parents and passwords you could use the Mail Merge feature within Microsoft Office in order to organise your potential printouts for your parents users. These could be sent out via letters handed to students in their registration groups.