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What is a RFC?

An unwanted or unexpected result within customer expectation is defined as an RFC (request for change)

ITIL definition

RFC- A request for change- A formal proposal for a change to be made. It includes details of the proposed change and may be recorded on paper or in our case electronically.

What happens in the RFC process?

Raising or requesting an RFC to the service desk.

The first step in the RFC lifecycle is reporting/requesting a new change request. An RFC can be reported to Frog through several channels (for example through your School Relationship Manager or Implementation Consultant) but in all situations these RFCs will in the first instance be escalated to the Service Desk. As such, we strongly recommend reporting RFCs directly to the Service Desk to enable us to respond quickly and efficiently, and provide you with any further updates. The Service Desk can be contacted by email at servicedesk@frogeducation.com or by calling 01422 395939. The Service Desk will log a ticket for your RFC and then handle this in accordance to the in house process for RFCs.

Reported to the Product Manager

Once your RFC has been raised a senior analyst will then put this forward to the attention of our Product Manager who will then review the requested change and decide in house if this is something that can be implemented and if it is in line with the scope of the product.

Please note: These decisions are not made on a singular school basis requirement but on a scale of the popularity and impact of the change request. RFCs that have a few schools associated to them may be looked at according to popularity, demand or by the impact the change may have on the product itself.

How do I know what stage my RFC is at?

Once your RFC has been logged, you can contact the Service Desk to request an update on this. When calling the Service Desk please ensure you have your RFC reference in hand to make the process a lot easier for both parties.

The Service Desk analyst will be able to give you an update on your RFC once it has been reviewed by the Product Manager. Should any notes be left on the RFC ticket, the analyst will be able to provide you with this information.

Do I get informed if an RFC has been approved or rejected?

All customers associated to an RFC ticket will be informed via email on any decision made by the Product Manager in relation to the rejection/approval of change request. If the RFC has been approved the Product Manager will liaise with the Head of Delivery to implement this in a release and a date will be provided come closer to the new release.

The RFC information will then be posted on the release notes once this become available.