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Complete guide to resource booking

Please see the this link for a complete guide to resource booking, how to set it up, configure it and deploy it across your Frog platform!

How do I delete items from the Resource Booking area?

FOR SCHOOLS ON 9.1 OR LATER (most schools)

Users are only able to delete their own entry from the Resource Booking area. This prevents misuse of the booking facilities.

To delete your entry, first navigate to the Resource Booking area in the front end.

Single click on your entry in the Diary brick.

Select "Delete Entry" from the Diary brick toolbar (please note you may need to check this is enabled by editing the page, double clicking on the Diary brick and selecting the "Disabled Toolbar Buttons" tab).


To delete other user's entries you will need to log in as the Diary user itself. This will provide administrative rights to the Diary brick.

The user details can be found under Toolkit > Admin > Users.

The user can then log into the front end of Frog. They will be able to see the Calendar Admin page and will be able to delete any entry made into the Diary.

How do I add a new Resource or Diary to the Resource Booking area?

Please note these actions can also be performed through the Toolkit.

1. Log onto the front end as an Administrator.

2. Navigate to the Resource booking page.

3. Click the red "Edit Page" button at the bottom of the Resource Booking page. This will then display the page in the frog editor.

4. Double click on the area under "Select Room" that holds the "Date/Start at/End at" fields.

5. This will then display the "Form to Diary" brick.

6. Choose the "Diaries" tab and you will now see options to add a diary description, plus a username and password.

7. Once the fields have been created you will now be able to book this resource from the drop down list.

Please remember that to see the Diary page in the front end you will need to create a page with the Diary brick on to be displayed in the Resource Booking Scroll frame.

These pages are normally held here:

all files / 00. Frog Learning Platform / 00. Construction / 05. Resource Booking Setup / 01. Calendars /