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The calendar method is a modern alternative to the older diary resource booking method. It can be used by staff, students or even parents to make bookings for particular room or resource. Parents could use this to book their own parents evening slots or students could use this to book green screen rooms for projects etc.

Booking Calendar Frog Brick

The Booking Calendar Frog brick can be found under the collaboration tab when editing a page.

Booking Cal 01.jpg

  • If you cannot see this Booking Calendar Frog brick under the collaboration tab when editing a page, then please contact the Frogtrade Service Desk as we may need to switch on several policies for these to appear in your roles section in the toolkit.

Roles required to view & use this brick:

  • Form to Calendar
  • Create Booking Access Calendars ("Create booking events" lies within this master role.)

Once you drag this brick on the page, double click the brick to open up the settings. There are three tabs of brick settings. These are:

  • General
  • Calendar Entry Settings
  • Calendar Settings


Booking Cal 02.jpg
  • Width (pixels) – The size of the width of the booking calendar in pixels.
  • Use Embedded Calendar – When ticked, a read only calendar will appear at the bottom of the booking form. When a user selects a new booking calendar in the form from the dropdown menu, this embedded calendar will update to display only this calendar's entries.
  • Tag Scroll Frame Name – If this contains an entry, and you have the same name used on a scroll frame on this page, when a booking is made the scroll frame will display an embedded calendar with this booking and any other for this booking calendar. *The Use Embedded Calendar setting should be used instead of this early development option*

Calendar Entry Settings

Booking Cal 03.jpg

  • Allow Recurrent Events – If this is ticked, users will be able to have the “repeat” dropdown option, allowing them to make recurring bookings. Unticking this will remove this option from the brick.
  • Allow Invite Users – If this option is ticked then the booking form will have an “Add Invitees” button to invite users to this event. Unticking this will remove this option from the brick.
  • Allow Attach File – If this option is ticked then the booking form will have an “Choose File” button to allow users to add files to this event. Unticking this will remove this option from the brick.
  • Available Booking Calendars – You can specify whether this Booking Calendar brick instance displays all of the available booking calendars under the dropdown list or just one specific booking calendar. If this is the case, the dropdown list of booking calendars will not appear in the front end of Frog.
  • Event Title – This is the title of the event that will be displayed in the calendar brick. The settings you may choose are:

Booked For [forename] [surname]

Booked For [forename initial] [surname]

Booked For [forename]

Booked For [surname]

Booked For [username]

Calendar Settings

Booking Cal 04.jpg

These calendar settings relate to the embedded calendar that you can enable in the “general” tab.

  • Frame width including units (% or px) – The width of the embedded calendar. This can be specified in pixels or the percentage of the frame below the booking form.
  • Frame height including units (% or px) -- The height of the embedded calendar. This can be specified in pixels or the percentage of the frame below the booking form.
  • Constrain view type to – This setting allows you to specify the view that the embedded calendar will use. If left on “all” then the user will be able to swap between the different view types. The different view type options apart from “all” are, day, week, month, list.
  • Show left control pane – Selecting this will enable the left hand pane on the embedded calendar.
  • Show top control pane -- Selecting this will enable the top pane on the embedded calendar.
  • Show bottom control pane -- Selecting this will enable the bottom pane on the embedded calendar.
  • Set the Calendar Start Time – This setting allows the user to select the calendar start time. Users can choose from 6AM, 7AM, 8AM or 9AM.

Create a New Booking Calendar

In order to create a new Booking Calendar room or resource you will first need to create the booking room or resource through a Calendar Frog brick. This must be a Calendar Frog Brick that is not set to point at one particular calendar otherwise it will appear as Read Only and you won’t see the “Add” button to create a new calendar. If you were to drag on a new Calendar Frog Brick to a page then view this in the front end, you will be able to create a new booking calendar.

Booking Cal 05.jpg

On the left hand pane of the Calendar Frog Brick you should be able to see an “Add” button which allows you to create new calendars. When clicking this button you are presented with a small popup where you can enter your new calendars settings.

Booking Cal 06.jpg

You can enter the name of the calendar, a description (if desired) but you must ensure that under the “Calendar Availability” area that you select “Booking” from the dropdown. If a calendar is not specified as a booking calendar then users will not be able to select this calendar in the Booking Calendar Frog brick dropdown. When you have entered the desired settings click on “Create Calendar”. The brick will refresh and you should then see the new calendar under the “My Calendars” area. Click the small white arrow beside this calendar then click “Calendar Settings”.

Booking Cal 07.jpg

You will be presented with the calendar settings for this selected menu. Please ensure that the correct users have the permission to view and use this calendar

Booking Cal 08.jpg

This is done by clicking the “Invite people to share this calendar”. You can then search for individual people, groups or login profiles to add to this calendar. When you search for one of these criteria, you should see a small “Add” button beside each of these entries.

Booking Cal 09.jpg

Once you click “Add” it will move the selected entity to the far right hand side of this area.

Booking Cal 10.jpg

Once you have selected your desired entities click “OK” to close this window and return to the calendar settings. You should see the desired users, groups or profiles in the shared area towards the bottom of the settings.

In the “permission settings” column you will see a dropdown that by default will be set to “Read”. If you wish for users to be able to view this calendar then leave this on “Read”.

Please note that at this time if you would like certain users to be able to add events via the booking calendar for this particular calendar, you will need to provide a user with Admin Rights. In some circumstances this may not be suitable as if you were to use the Calendar brick elsewhere on you platform and had it set to “personal calendar” then users who have admin access would be able to book events this way along with modifying the settings and even removing this calendar entirely. There is currently a request for change on our system for an additional permission setting of “Read & Write”. This would allow users to view the calendar and make bookings but only be able to edit and delete their own bookings and not give them access to the calendar settings. This is subject to change and its creation cannot be fully guaranteed.

Booking Cal 11.jpg

Once you are happy with your changes click the bottom right “OK” button and you will be prompted that the calendar settings have updated then will be taken back to the main calendar view. If you return to the Booking Calendar you will now be able to make bookings for the newly created booking calendar.

Booking Cal 12.jpg

Calendar Start and End Times

In order to add your own start and end times for booking events, you must first login to your toolkit. After doing this, click on Admin > Account Configuration and navigate to the “Diary/Calendar Times” tab.

Booking Cal 13.jpg

On this tab, the right hand section is labelled “Calendar Times” which is where you will need to input this information.

Time Name – This is the name of this time period that will appear on the dropdown lists to the left of the stated time.

Start Time (HH:MM) – The start time for this entry.

End Time (HH:MM) -- The end time for this entry.

Please be aware the list on the booking calendar will be ordered by time, earliest to latest and not be displayed alphabetically like you will see in this list. Once you are happy with your new time name and time periods, click the “Add” button to move this to the area below. If you need to make alterations to existing entries you can simply click on that entry and column to modify it accordingly. This will not affect existing bookings made.

Please note that at this time of writing (08/2013) there is an issue with any entries added, not saving unless entered by the Frogtrade account. If your entries are not saving, please contact the Frog Service Desk and as a temporary measure they will be able to add these for you. When doing this, please make a note of all desired time periods including the names of them with correct spelling.

Booking Cal 14.jpg

Once you are happy with your entries click the OK button at the bottom right to save and close this window. Your new times will now appear in the Booking Calendar Frog brick

Creating a New Booking

After following the above instructions, providing you have logged in as a user who has admin rights to that Calendar, you should now be able to make bookings via the Booking Calendar. Providing you have not disabled any of the settings in the booking calendar settings brick such as “allow recurrent events”, “allow invite users” and “allow attach file” then you should see something similar to below.

Booking Cal 15.jpg

You will now be able to make bookings via this booking calendar using the defined settings. These can include:

  • Booking calendar – which calendar do you wish to make this booking on. If you have enabled the embedded calendar setting this dropdown will automatically refresh the embedded calendar to display the selected booking calendar.
  • Start Date – what day this booking will take place.
  • Start Time – what time this booking will start.
  • End Time -- what time this booking will end.
  • Repeat – how often you want this booking to be repeated. The available options are:

-- No Recurrence

-- Every Day

-- Every Week

-- Every 2 Weeks

-- Every Month

-- Every Year

  • Description – the description of the booking (if required). This will appear as the “Note” when you open up the booking.
  • Invitations – who you would like to invite to this event. When a user is invited to an event they will receive a notification on their feed, asking for an RSVP to the event.
  • Attach File – allows you to select a file to attach to this booking.

When you are happy with your booking options click “Add Booking” and you will be notified via a small popup window.

Booking Cal 16.jpg

If you try to make an invalid booking such as a booking starting at 11:00am then ending at 10:00am then you will be prompted with a popup window stating “error”.