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What are SCORM packages?

SCORM packages are files containing interactive content which can be uploaded to the Frog server.

SCORM packages can be accessed through Frog pages or through Lessons.

SCORM packages cannot be made available to the public (i.e. shown on a website without the need to log in) - this is due to licensing restrictions on the packages themselves.

What do Frog support?

SCORM packages can vary a lot in terms of quality and compatibility with the Frog SCORM player, powered by Icodeon. Frog support will always attempt to help where possible but are unable to support individual packages. When reporting an issue with SCORM, it is common for us to test with a known good package to confirm that the player is functioning as expected.

How do I upload a SCORM file?

A SCORM package is normally provided to the school in the form of a zip file.

To upload this package to Frog please navigate to a Webfiles Component (for example your E-Portoflio).

Select: New > SCORM > Browse to... and select the zip file > Upload.

The SCORM package will then appear in the Webfiles Component and can be run by the user double clicking on the file.

Please note it is not currently possible to embed a SCORM package so it automatically runs within a page. The user must always request that the SCORM package plays.

Packages that are SCORM version 2004 or 1.2 compliant should run on Frog. We would always recommend checking with the package provider if you are unsure.

How do I assign SCORM as a Lesson?

For Frog to be able to record the marks of an assigned SCORM package the Teacher must assign the SCORM as part of a Lesson.

For example:

1. A Teacher logs in and creates a new piece of Quick Issue Work.

2. Within the Lesson, select "Evidence Type" SCORM and upload the relevant SCORM file.

3. Complete and assign the Lesson to the users as normal.

4. The Student logs in and receives the work.

5. They complete the SCORM package and select "Hand In Work".

6. The Teacher receives notification the Lesson is completed. This work will have been Auto-Marked by the system.

7. The Teacher will release the marks and the marks can then be viewed within the Markbook brick.

What roles do I need enabled to view SCORM?

1. 'Access SCORM outside lessons' - this allows users to open SCORM from web files bricks without having to have the work set to them by a teacher and is controlled by login profiles.

2. 'SCORM Privileges' - this controls whether users can access SCORM files and is controlled by login profile.

Help! My SCORM packages don't play!

If you are experiencing faults with your SCORM packages the first step would be to contact Frog Technical Support. Frog Support will upload some test files which we know to work correctly. We will then be able to diagnose whether the problem is with the SCORM player, or with the individual packages.