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Opening the Configuration Page

In order to configure the SIMS Extractor click on (Start-->Programs-->Frog-->SIMS Extractor-->Configuration).

Open Config.jpg

This will open up the configuration page, not before running a check of your version in a small popup window.

SIMS Extractor Check.jpg

Once the check has been completed the main configuration page for the SIMS Extractor will open. As you can see, the current Extractor version you are running is displayed at the top left of this window.

SIMS Extractor.jpg

Information Required

  • SIMS Server --> The names of your SIMS server then the share name (e.g. SIMSSERVER\SHARE)
  • SIMS DB --> The name of your SIMS Database
  • SIMS Location --> The location of SIMS on this machine that the extractor is installed upon
  • SIMS Username --> The username of the account created and placed within specific groups in order for the Extractor to have access to the SIMS data (See Configuring SIMS for further information on this)
  • SIMS Password --> The password of the account created and placed within specific groups in order for the Extractor to have access to the SIMS data
  • Frog Server --> The hostname or internal IP of your frog server (this not include any http:// prefix -- typically for schools this will be "frogserver")

Validate Frog Server

Once you are happy your server settings are correct, click on "Validate Server" in order to ensure that the Extractor can connect to your Frog Server. If this is unsuccessful the box will turn red if it cannot connect to your Frog server but if successful, will turn green. An example can be seen below.

SIMS Validate Server.jpg

If your school has purchased the Frog Parental Engagement Platform (PEP), additional data options are available to extract information used by PEP when clicking validate Frog Server. If these options are not available after clicking the Validate Frog Server link then please contact Frog Support immediately who can ensure that these options become available for you.

SIMS Export Data

There is a variety of data available to export from SIMS into Frog, each with a check box labelled retrieve beside it. Below is a list of this data, some of which is required. Any required data is greyed out so you cannot deselect it.

Basic Data

Note that this is required information and cannot be excluded from import.

  • SIMS Information
  • Version Information
  • Classes
  • Class Members
  • Pupils
  • Rooms
  • Subjects
  • Teaching Staff
  • Lesson Codes

Timetable Data

Note that this is required information and cannot be excluded from import.

  • Class Periods
  • Timetable Days
  • Period Events
  • Period Instances


  • Attendance Summary
  • Attendance Lessons*
  • Attendance Registration*

Assessment Data

  • Grades*
  • Gradeset History*
  • Gradesets*

(the 3 below appear after a succesful validate of the server which checks if you have PEP enabled)

  • Aspects*
  • Results*
  • Templates*


  • SEN (Special Educational Needs) (this appears after a succesful validate of the server which checks if you have PEP enabled)


  • Negative Behaviour
  • Positive behaviour* (this appears after a succesful validate of the server which checks if you have PEP enabled)

Misc Data

  • Registration Groups
  • Non-Teaching Staff
  • Parents
(the below options are required information and cannot be excluded from import ONLY if the main parents check box is ticked)
  • ID
  • Child ID
  • Child Relationship
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Court Order
  • Title
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Addressee
(the below options are optional information and can be excluded from import ONLY if the main parents check box is ticked)
  • Home Email
  • Work Email
  • Home Telephone
  • Work Telephone
  • Mobile Number
  • Pre Admin Parents
  • Addresses
  • Guest Pupils
  • Pre Admin Pupils

There are three options available on the bottom right hand section of the Extractor:

  • Un Check All --> When clicked this option simply deselects all available checkboxes for the different data types.
  • Check All --> When clicked this option simply selects all available checkboxes for the different data types.
  • Save & Exit --> When clicked the extractor configuration page will close and save any changes you have made.

SIMS Check & Save.jpg

Running Test Connection

This is where you can test the connection to your SIMS.Net system that you set in the previous section. When you click Run Test the application will attempt to connect to SIMS.Net using the username and password supplied. A dialog will be shown to indicate the test is running.

SIMS Run Test.jpg

You will also see test results showing alongside the data options to indicate the success of the test run and the amount of data that is available for extract.

SIMS Run Test 2.jpg

This test may take several minutes as it checks all the selected data options as well as the connection to SIMS.Net. This test does not check if the location of the Frog Server has been entered correctly. If there are any difficulties connecting to your SIMS Server from the Extractor, it will notify you in the bottom left corner of the Configuration screen. This test will check the username and password as well as installing any required reports into SIMS. If the test fails at any point, this will be reported in the dialog box.

SIMS Run Test Fail.jpg

You can view the specific issue by clicking "View Test Report" to open up a small report of the Test Log. This will display the report from the test, where you can investigate the settings used and the error reported.

SIMS Run Test Report.jpg

Additional Settings & Options

These options give access to a variety of sub-menu options. The three main options are:

  • File - Access to sub-menu options that allow you to save the settings and exit

the configuration utility.

  • Tools - A variety of tools to further help with extracting the SIMS.Net data
  • Help - Information about the Frog SIMS Extractor and a documentation link.

SIMS Config Toolbar.jpg


The File menu option has three sub-menu options:

  • Save - Saves the current settings.
  • Save and Exit - Saves the current settings and exits the configuration utility.
  • Exit - Exits the configuration utility without saving any changes you have made.

SIMS Toolbar -- File.jpg


The Tools menu option has four sub-menu options:

  • Photos - Opens a dialog that allows photos to be extracted from SIMS.Net.
  • Documents -
  • Settings - Opens a settings dialog where you can change some basic configuration

options (see Main Settings for further information.)

  • OAuth - Connects your SIMS extractor to your frog server and sets up the trust relationship between the two. This is used for importing SIMS linked documents.

SIMS Toolbar -- Tools.jpg


The OAuth tool as previously written connects your Frog Server to your SIMS Extractor to allow for the sharing of private resources; in this case, SIMS linked documents. When OAuth is clicked it will open a small popup window as shown below.

SIMS Extractor OAuth 1.jpg

As indicated by this popup, click "Connect to Frog" for the first step. This will open up a browser window, indicating you that your Extractor wishes to connect with your site reference (for many schools this is "virtual". Towards the top of the screen you will also see some text, reading "Check that this is the address of your Frog server". Providing the address in your browser is correct, enter your admin username and password then click connect.

SIMS Extractor OAuth 2.jpg

The next screen to load provides you with an authorisation code. Highlight this code and copy it.

SIMS Extractor OAuth 3.jpg

Return to your OAuth initial popup window and paste this code into step 2 (enter your authorisation code).Once you've entered the code, click on step 3 Authorise SIMS Extractor.

SIMS Extractor OAuth 5.jpg

The OAuth confirmation will then be displayed if this has worked successfully. You can then close this window. If this has not worked it will likely popup a small window indicating "The remote server returned an error (400) bad request."

SIMS Extractor OAuth 6.jpg


After having authorised your server in the SIMS Extractor using the OAuth tool you can now access the documents area from the Extractor Toolbar (Tools-->Documents). When clicking this option it will open the following popup. This popup displays a list of all of the available documents from SIMS.

SIMS Extractor OAuth 7.jpg

Here you can select specific documents or choose "all" from this list then click Import Documents to begin this process. Once the process has begun a command prompt will open indicating you that it has started the document extract. As you can see from the screenshot, the first step is to calculate students that are within SIMS in order to process who has these documents.

SIMS Extractor OAuth 8.jpg

The command prompt will remain open until it has finished and will automatically close. It will begin running through the different reports and you can view where the process is up to by the contents of this window. If you close this window before it has finished, it will prevent the SIMS documents from being imported past this point.

SIMS Extractor OAuth 9.jpg


The Help menu option has two sub-menu options:

  • Documentation - A link that opens this pdf user guide.
  • About - Basic information about the Frog SIMS Extractor and contact details for Frog.

SIMS Toolbar -- Help.jpg

Main Settings

The main technical settings within the Extractor can be found by clicking Tools then Settings on the tool bar. This will open up the settings popup window where you can view particular information and modify settings.

Basic Information

This section simply displays information regarding SIMS, the Extractor and the Frog Server. Please note that the very top "version" entry will soon be removed from the Extractor.

  • Version -- (will be removed)
  • Location -- location of your install
  • Username -- username of specified SIMS user
  • Version -- extractor version you are currently running
  • Frog Server -- internal IP or hostname of your Frog server
  • Validated -- will display whether you have validated your Frog server
  • PPE License -- will display whether or not you have Parental Portal Engagement enabled

SIMS Extractor Basic Info.jpg


The four check boxes in the settings are:

  • Bypass Proxy - The Frog SIMS Extractor may have problems sending data to your Frog Server if you have a proxy server configured. Selecting this check box will bypass the proxy server.
  • Extract Historical Attendance - When selected the Frog SIMS Extractor will extract historical attendance data.
  • Save File After Extract - For security reasons the data is not saved locally. However, if this check box is selected the data will be saved to a local xml file.
  • Use SSL - It is highly recommended that you use SSL when sending data to a Frog Server, especially when doing so over the internet. Selecting this check box will use SSL to send the information. Please note that if you use SSL your Frog Server will require a valid SSL certificate.

SIMS Extractor Settings.jpg


Please contact Frog Technical Support before modifying ANY of these settings.

The four settings in the settings are:

  • Attendance Summary - The 2 options here are Code and Report. This switches between using SIMS business objects and the SIMS reports. The difference between between them is that the reports are faster to use than the code but some schools are unable to run them. The code takes far longer to run so should only used if a school have trouble running the reports and after having spoken with Frog Technical Support.
  • US Date Format - By ticking this check box, dates are converted from US format to UK format in the XML in order to resolve certain issues with date dispays.
  • Merge Files - The 2 options here are Merge and Master. This option should not be turned on. Merge files is only used in extremely rare circumstances. It allows multiple SIMS databases to be used with one SIMS account. It should only be turned on by Frog Technical Support.

SIMS Extractor Admin.jpg

If you have not experienced any problems whilst installing the SIMS Extractor please view SIMS: Running a Manual Import to ensure the SIMS data transfers successfully to the XML file located on the Frog Server ready for an import into your VLE.