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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete Wall posts from the student wall?

It is not currently possible for schools to delete all posts submitted by students.

It is possible for Frog to delete the student posts on your behalf, but in the process all previous posts submitted by all users will be removed (including all previous teacher, staff, administrator, etc). This will be done on a case-by-case basis and we cannot guarantee we will be able to remove all posts.

Please detail the reasons why all Wall Posts are required to be removed on this support ticket so that we can escalate this issue accordingly.

How do I hide user forenames in Discussion Posts?

1.Log in to the Toolkit as an Administrator.

2.Navigate to Admin > Login Profiles.

3. Double click on the profile in question.

4. Select the "Settings" tab.

5.If you scroll down the list you will find an option called "Discussion Forum Posts do not show Forename".

6. Select the check box for this Access Right. Once ticked this will hide the forenames in forum discussions.

How do I view and delete Wall Posts?

These instructions depend on how the post was made.

The below instructions refer to posts made using the Social Networking Widgets:

1. Create a new page within the Frog Toolkit as an Administrator.

2. Add a "Select User" brick plus the "Social Networking Wall Logs" brick. If you are trying to delete an update made using the Update Status widget you will need the "User Status Logs" brick instead. You will also need to add the "Feed Admin" brick to the page.

3. You will now have the functionality to be able to search via student names for the required post. In the "Feed Admin" brick you can search for specific key words to delete the required post.

4. Once within the required student you will see the "Delete message" and "Export" options.

5. From this point you can amend as required or export a CSV of data for evidence.

The below instructions refer to posts made using the Wall Brick:

1. Log into the Toolkit as an Administrator and create a new page.

2. Place the "Wall Admin" brick on the page.

3. View the page in the front end to delete posts and administrate others.

How do I prevent users from editing their profile pictures?

Please find below instructions for making the changes to your platform you have requested.

There are several roles which govern the use of Profile Pictures.

These are:

Manage Users > Manage Profile Pictures > Update the Profile Picture of any User

Manage Users > Manage Profile Pictures > Delete Profile Picture of any User

However you will also need to make a change to the My Profile page.

This is normally located:

all files / 00. YOUR SCHOOL VLE VLE / 07. Social Networking / My Profile

If you cannot find this page you can use the Folder Hunter (Tools > Folder Hunter) to search for it.

Please double click on the Nested Page User Component in the centre of the page which you will see is called "Profile Details Widget (Secondary)".

Select the "User Fields" tab.

Untick the box "Show_Profile_Pic". This prevents the field being shown when users edit their profile.

If you would like to only allow certain users to update their profile picture within the same profile you could follow the below instructions.

You would need to create a group of users who you would want to update their profile picture. This can be done under Admin > Users > New > New Group.

You would need to leave the above roles turned on for the selected login profile. With the changes made to the "Profile Details Widget (Secondary)" users will not be able to update their profile picture anyway if they are not in the User Group you have just created.

Add an IF Statement to the My Profile page. You would need to use the IF User Type brick. You would need to set your newly created User Group so that they can see the contents of the brick.

You would then need to add a Nested Page User Component and point it to the "Profile Details Widget (Secondary)".

You would need to leave the check box for "Show_Profile_Pic" selected.

This means that when this user group log in they will see the ability to open and edit their profile picture. Other users in the same login profile (and everyone else on the server) will not.

You could also do this in reverse so that everyone except a small group of users can edit their picture.

How do I time limit a Chat Room?

To block social networking during school hours you would need to use the If...Variable brick on your pages.

Pick the page you wish to block, for example the chat rooms, and place the If...Variable at the top of the page and double click to add the conditions. In the first field add 'date:Hi' as this tells the brick the time is in 24 hour format. In the drop down box select 'is greater than' and finally in the bottom field type the school finish time and click OK.

Now drag the chat box into the first section of the If brick.

Now place another If...Variable brick in the bottom section of the first If brick. Double click to open the dialogue box and in the first field type 'date:Hi', in the drop down box select 'is less than' and then enter the school start time and click OK. Add a chat room brick into the top section of this If brick.

Finally drop a Text and Pictures brick into the bottom section of the If brick and double click to enter the text you wish students to see when the chat room is closed.

This will close the chat room between school hours, but students will see it before and after school.

This brick can be used on any social networking part you do not want used in school hours, including the profile page.