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How do I create a collaborative area where Students have their own individual folders?

The below instructions are easiest to perform in the Toolkit.

1. Create a new folder. You might like to name this folder after the class group who will be using the area. For this example I will use "Parent Folder".

2. Manually create a number of new folders within the "Parent Folder" depending on how many students are will be using this area.

3. Create a new page with a Webfiles component on it and name the page appropiately. For this example I will use "Collaborative Page".

4. Edit your Webfiles component and point the Webfiles component to the "Parent Folder" using the [...] button on the "General" tab of the Webfiles webpage dialog .

5. Select the "View Options" tab to specify what file types (e.g. File, Folder, Menu, Lesson) and what actions (New, Edit, Delete etc ) you wish to be available for users (in their named folders).

6. Change the permissions on the "Parent Folder" so that the appropriate teaching group (or all students) have Read Only Access.

7. On the individual user folders (for example, the folder "John Smith"), change the permissions so that the user "John Smith" has Read/Write access to it and therefore will be the only person who can make changes in their folder. If you wish the use to be able to delete items they will need "Admin" permissions.

8. If you allow users access to the "Collaborative Page" they can access the class folder and will each have their own personal folder within with their name upon it. When they enter their own folders they will have the appropiate permissions to create/remove the elements you designated under the "View Options" tab in the Webfiles component.

Please note that you may need to check that the Student Login Profile has the correct roles enable to edit a page, delete a page, upload files, delete files etc.