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The Vivo Widget

The Vivo Widget allows users to view their Vivo profile, transactions and balance for Vivo Miles. It is a single sign on widget that is available to download from the Frog Widget Store.

Which widget do I need?

The most up to date version of the Vivo widget is Vivo 1.2 - the original Vivo widget still resides in the store as it is still in use by some schools and to remove this would remove it from the platforms of those that have this up and running.

Configuring the Toolkit

The first step when installing the Vivo Widget is to add the Vivo Api Key and the Vivo Shared Secret provided by Vivo to the correct field under Tools > Config > Vivo Miles:

Image on center

The Widget Store

The Vivo Widget must then be downloaded from the Frog Widget Store:

Log into the front end of your Frog Platform as an Administrator.

Navigate to a Webfiles Component. These can normally be found in the following locations: E-Portfolio / School Departments / Resource Development.

Select New > Frog Page > Activity Page and name your page “Vivo”.

Open the “Vivo” page in a new window so that you can see the black “Edit Page” button.

Select the black “Edit Page” button. On the right hand side of the black bar you should see a link that says “Visit Store”.

Select the “Visit Store” link. Accept the Terms and Conditions if they appear.

Search the Store for “Vivo”. When the Widget appears select “Details” and then “Install Widget”. Select “Yes please” on the prompt that appears.

You should then see a prompt that says “The Widget installed successfully in Utilities”.

Click the cross in the top right hand corner to close down the Widget Store.

Editing your Vivo page

Select the black “Edit Page” button to open the Frog Widget Tray.

Navigate to the Category the Widget Store informed you the Vivo Widget was placed in.

Select the Vivo Widget and drag it onto the Active Area within the page.

Select “Save and Close”. The widget will now appear on the page.

Image on center

Using the Vivo widget

When “Login to Vivo” is clicked the widget will take you to the Vivo site.

You can now nest this page onto other pages to make the Vivo Widget publically available.

Please note you will need to move the Vivo page if you have created it in your E-Portfolio to prevent other users receiving permission prompts.

Things to note

The category that the Vivo Widget is installed in may change. The prompt from the Widget Store once the widget is installed will always tell you where the widget has been installed.