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If you have a Widgit license, and the details have been set up on your Frog server, you will now be able to use the features of Widgit on your Frog pages through the use of the Widgit Insite Frog brick.

Activating the Frog brick

To allow users to add the Widgit Insite Frog brick to their pages take the following steps:

  • Login to the Toolkit as a user with Admin access.
  • Select Admin from the side menu and click Roles in the list.
  • Search for "Widgit". You should see a role called "Use Widgit Insite Brick".
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  • This role needs to be enabled for any profile you wish to use this brick.

Configuring Frog

Once you have granted users access to the Widgit Insite Frog brick you need to give Frog the details it needs to connect to Widgit.

To do this take the following steps:

  • Log into the Toolkit and select Tools from the top grey menu.
  • Select the Config option.
  • In the Widgit section fill in the following fields:
    • Account - This is the name of your Widgit account.
    • Key - This is the unique key of your Widgit account.
    • Symbol Size - This drop down box offers a range of symbol sizes.
    • Max Number of symbols - The maximum number of symbols ranges from 4 to 8.
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The Widgit Insite Frog brick is located on the Media tab of the Frog brick palette and will allow you to use the features of Widgit Insite in Frog.

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When the brick is added to a page and double clicked users will see the below dialogue box:

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